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TOKENPAY – Introducing The World’s Most Secure Coins

What is Token Pay?

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The Token Pay platform is the most secured system for the trading and exchange of the values nowadays. The platform of the Token Pay will be designed and developed in order to combine the power and strength of the traditional well-known banking institution with the future-forward potential and the flexibility of the cryptocurrency. Through bridging the evolution gap to the fait this platform of the Token Pay enables the trading and exchange of the Ethereum, Bitcoin and also the other main cryptocurrencies by this they will help the user to exchange their cryptocurrencies securely and without much lengthy process and cost that will enhance their trading volume and also maximize their profits. The price of 1 TPAY is equal to the 0.0005 bitcoin.

TokenPay is a blockchain venture that features bitcoin cryptography technological innovation with past security and comfort features. In addition, TokenPay is building a system which mixes shut financial and private return. This allows the broader adopting of money through customer and vendor credit card accounts. creating tokenpaycoin and the facilities to support its everyday use is an important step. With highest possible customer protection as the centerpiece, the product is utilized specifically through the secured Tor Web browser. Transactions are performed with its own exclusive and untraceable cryptocurrency called TPAY that is included with the newest and most innovative safety measures. Strikes include a turn invisible dealing with program, secured texting, completely unknown trading and a specifically developed hashing criteria which allows fast and protected dealings under any conditions.

Requirement of the Token Pay:

The digital currencies that the user of the financial market uses for the payments and the in the trading process are known as the cryptocurrencies because of the complex technical details that are related to the cryptography but this system is not started from here they are started from the era when human being uses printed money for payment. But with the advancement in the markets the use of electronic money come into the market and know almost all the banks uses the electronic and digital network and provide the online facility to the customers like in the international banking ecosystem users uses the banknotes, derivatives, credit/debit cards, bonds, stocks etc. all these are the innovation of the human being and are invented to make the trading of the money process and the businesses transaction easy and handling and manages the exchange of the values. But the cryptocurrency introduces the more advanced form of money this technology is called as the blockchain the cryptocurrency will not be manipulated. Blockchain achieves a great adoption and growth from last many years the blockchain cryptocurrency is known as the bitcoin and nowadays many businesses used it for their payment process to make their process more effective and cost-efficient. With the increase in the demand for the blockchain adoption, many problems also generated like the security issue and the expensive uses issues etc. Therefore, to solve these problems and make the platform that will manage the increasing demand for the blockchain the token pay will generate its platform.

Benefits of the Token Pay:

It enables the users the secure platform for an exchange of the values. The Token Pay also enables the user to exchange the multiple major cryptocurrencies like the Ethereum, Bitcoin etc. the T Pay platform also enables the autonomous user access to the cryptocurrency resources at the merchant point of the sale locations and the ATMs worldwide. The users of the Token Pay have the option to store their Bitcoins and the other cryptocurrencies in the wallets whether in the secured wallets or in the unsecured wallets for their safety just like the facility the traditional banks offer to users for the fait accounts. As a consequence of this service, the Token Pay they will mitigate the risk of the counterparty through the licensed and the bonded bank. The funds of the Token Pay are sold for completing the banking acquisition. By this, they will handle and manage the advanced needs of the users and help them in enhancing their profits.

Differences between the Token Pay and the Bitcoin:

There are two main differences that exist between the Token Pay and the Bitcoin that will make the Token Pay more beneficial for the users and help them to maximize their profits and also enable them to make secure trading and exchange of values. These differences are as follows:

⦁ TokenPay is powered by the Proof-of-Stake network, while the Bitcoin system is driven by the ineffective Proof-of-Work mining.

⦁ The TokenPay includes the additional feature of the security and the privacy as it is the most secure platform of the blockchain whereas the blockchain source code of the original Bitcoin will not have such feature. As the TokenPay includes six security features that the original Bitcoin blockchain will not have these features are: Multi-Signature Transactions, Dual-Key Stealth Addresses feature, Ring Signatures feature, Zero-Knowledge Proof, TokenPay SCI or the Secure Communication Interface feature and Tor Network Integration feature.

TokenPay’s objective is to help customers to facilitate
commonly experienced crypts on difficult resource dealings with ease. Why does TokenPay base its Blockchain from Bitcoin? In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto launched the whitepaper and resource rule from Blockchain Bitcoin Nakamoto’s objective were to create a electronic forex. One that is not central by the federal govt or fed. It’s free and allows other cryptographers to fix the rule. By 2017, various designers have created many different crypto’s. All statements to have excellent technology. However, Bitcoin still rules the market.
Nevertheless, the possibility of new challenges is more insecure to protection and comfort threats. This is a threat TokenPay that does not want to be believed given the crucial characteristics of the application. TokenPay has mixed the safest protection and comfort functions ever launched by utilizing its unique blockchain with a mixture of Bitcoin primary resources along with heritage confirmed, protected and privacy-focused functions.

TokenPay has integrated a professional to see secured im program using methods to maintain personal discussions when using the TokenPay Purses. All of the information sent and obtained are secured by the confirmed AES-256-CBC criteria and allocated between nodes in such a way as to prevent the recipient’s information from being compromised or considered by anyone that it was not designed to, even if the cyberpunk can view the entire program and/or run nodes of it. To reduce considerably the danger and difficulty of discussing security passwords, we applied the confirmed and reliable method of Elliptic Bend Diffie-Hellman or also known as ECDH key return. This degree of security is at the same stage as what govt authorities use for top secret information.


The idea behind the completely integrated BlueDiamond debit cards is that it will be easy to fill given its direct link to the TokenPay electronic wallets. Therefore, spending can be done almost or at any point-of-sale vendor either online or in person. Additionally, the worldwide debit cards allows access to multi-currency funds at program computerized teller machines. Clear costs and low fees create the BlueDiamond debit cards a very eye-catching procedure for cashing out electronic wedding party to allow difficult resource buys.


TokenPay is planning to form a new financial institution rental, associate or acquire a professional financial institution in Vanuatu. One discussion currenly ongoing is with a financial institution that has a great popularity and all the necessary connections to create worldwide exchanges possible. As TokenPay wishes to meet the needs of cryptocurrency customers by developing the conformity division around this idea, this is a crucial first step. The development of a a financial institution that is completely dedicated to customers with cryptocurrencies is the ideal situation. Accordingly, the objective is to offer traditional financial services with regulating management and fiduciary position. AML and KYC techniques will apply the same, as with customers with fiat foreign return. TokenPay plans to are employed the Hong Kong money which is placed to the USD. Recommended is the collaboration or purchase of a financial institution that already has many of the current reporter financial connections that are necessary to manage in major foreign return.

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